Tina Simmons is Cora's younger daughter who is somewhere in her early twenties. She makes her first and only appearance in the Family Reunion.


In the play, Tina appears in Family Reunion. She is portrayed as promiscious and a neglecting mother to her baby boy named Shemar. Madea does not trust her, and doesn't hesitate to let this be known. Tina ends up trying to seduce her cousin Jackie's boyfriend, then accuses him of seducing her. She goes on to wreak more havoc, claiming he's the father of her baby. When Cora tries to get her in line, she snaps at her, then at Madea after she "pops" her on the bottom. Madea then attempts to shoot her before she runs off. Later, when Lisa asks her mom why she puts up with Tina, Tina says it's guilt from the past. She goes on to reveal that she knew their dad used to rape them, but Cora does not believe her. When Tina pushes it, Cora snaps, and threatens to hit her until Lias tells her mother that it's true. The girls then bond with their mother who is heart broken by the revelation. Tina later apologizes to Madea for her behavior, and it is assumed she takes better care of her son after the events of the play.

In Meet the Browns, Cora refers to her, telling Mr. Brown that she has two kids when he lectures her on men.


Tina does not appear in any of the films, however, Cora makes a minor reference to her and her sister when she says without God she doesn't know how she and her two girls would've made it. This shows that she is indeed existent in the film timeline, but never shown.

TV SeriesEdit

Tina does not exist in the TV series, as the series, Meet the Brown shows that Cora has no children at all.