Michelle Griffin is the oldest daughter of Madea Simmons and Johnny, and mother of Vianne and Mayle, as well as the grandmother of Keisha. She died sometime before the play, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, began.


Michelle Griffin was born sometime when Madea and Johnny were teenagers, presumbly fifteen or sixteen, as Madea was eighteen when she had Cora, and she reveals that Michelle was only a few years older. While being brought up, Madea had trouble raising her, as Michelle was very rebellious. Madea states that Cora is more in line because she Madea would not let her get away with alot of things as she did her oldest daughter. By this statement, it can also be assumed Madea eventually gave up on her oldest and focused almost all her attention on raising Cora and William. Because of this, Michelle grew up estranged from her mom, becoming a prostitute and drug addict, having two daughters by different men. This led to a strain between mother and daughter that is assumed to have lasted up until Michelle's death. Michelle's daughters, Maylee and Vianne, were then placed in the care of Madea and Johnny (the latter of which died shortly before the play.)


Sometime before I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Michelle died leaving behind her two adult daughters, Vianne and Maylee, who don't seem to get along. Both had a poor relationship with her, and Maylee reveals that she was a wicked woman. When Maylee was thirteen, her mom had a guy rape her, and she became pregnant with her daughter, Keisha. Maylee and Vianne make-up their differences at the end of the play, and Maylee even overcomes the nature of her after having an ordeal with her own daughter.