Madea Goes to Jail is a play that stars Tyler Perry as Madea. The play was adapted into a film, but with a similar plot, but Madea still goes to jail for a different crime.


Madea is sent to jail for not paying for her gas as she gets out early since she got her nephew, Sonny, to get her bail money from under her mattress. Meanwhile, Madea is asked by a prison inmate to take her daughter, Toni, into Madea's house until she gets out of jail and to protect her from her pimp father. Meanwhile, Sonny is struggling with his nagging wife, Vanessa, and his son, Sonny Jr. and meets up with a old flame, Wanda. When Sonny isn't home one night, Vanessa, while sleeping with Sonny's co-worker, Nate, leaves the bath water on while making Sonny Jr. a bath. He almost drowns and his head is cut open. While getting back from the hospital, Madea notices Nate smells like kente oil which is the stuff Vanessa sprays on the clothes. As Madea tells Sonny that Vanessa is cheating on him, Wanda walks in and tells Sonny he is not the father of Sonny Jr. Madea then kicks Nate out by shooting at him. Sonny divorces Vanessa and gets promoted, sending Nate to a different section of the prison. The cast sings gosphel songs while celebrating Sonny's divorce. Sonny gets back together with Wanda and finds out that Leo is the father. Madea scares off Peter the Pimp by shooting at him with two guns as he attempts to take Toni away and rape her. Katie is released from prison and reconnects with Toni.