Lisa Simmons is Cora's oldest daughter in her late twenties who appears in the play, Family Reunion.


Lisa makes her only appearance in the play, Family Reunion. She is engaged to a wealthy man whom abuses her, unknown to the other family members. Lisa seems to be favored more by her mother, as she is not promiscious like her sister or disrespectful.

Later, Lisa ends up having to tell her mother, Cora, that she was raped by her father along with her sister after Cora refuses to believe Tina.

Lisa eventually realizes that marrying a man that doesn't love her is a mistake and changes her mind, choosing another.


Though Cora's daughter makes no appearance, her role is given to another character named Lisa, who is the daughter of Madea's niece, Victoria, and her cousin. It's unknown what her name is in the film, but Cora reveals hacing two girls in Meet the Browns, revealing that she indeed is existent.