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Joesph Simmons
is the older brother of Mabel Simmons. He is a character only in the Madea films, but never appeared in a play.


Joe is mean, crazy, smokes weed, old, and insults Madea all the time. He has been living in Madea's house for a long time. Joe is also a player. Joe seems to have a son, George, as revealed in Madea's Witness Protection as he slept with his mother, Barbara and does everything exactly he would expect him to do. Joe doesn't like it when Madea brings in people to her house. Joe enjoys watching Maury and has even made up his own number for troubled baby daddies, "1-800-Choke-That- Hoe." Joe is also a pervert. It is questionably possible that Joe has a car (mentioned in Madea's Witness Protection), but this may be Joe being a fool. Joe is also the father of Madea's nephew Brian Simmons. Joe doesn't like anybody.

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