Byron Watkins Is Shirley's 18 Yr. Old Son. Byron Is A High School Drop Out Who Sells Drugs And Is Dating

A Pretty Young Girl Named Renee Who Is Only Interested In His Money. Byron Has A Baby Mama Named

Sabrina In Which Together They Have A Baby Boy Name Byron Jr. Byron Soon Finds Out Along With Donnie

That Kimberly Was Raped At 12 Having Byron. And That He Was Adopted By Shirley Raised Thinking Kimberly

Was His Sister.

Byron Watkins is Shirley's 18 year old son, he is a drop out who used to sell drugs but changed and is trying to live a life safe for him and his son. He currently dates a pretty young girl named Renee, who Is only interesting in his money and also deals with his baby's mommy who also only cares for his money.

Biography Edit

Byron was raised, believing Shirley was his mother. But then it was revealed that Kimberly was raped at 13, and had Byron and he was raised believing Kimberly was his sister then actually she was his mother. (STILL UNDER WORK!)